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With the intention to provide to our clients with a better service and communication, we have prepared this easy guide. There is no need to answer all this questions but it will help us to understand better  your proposal:

Please send us complete information about who you are so we can communicate with you properly.

– Complete name.

– Your company name.

We will need your contact details:

– Email

– Website  

– Skype / Hangout

– Phone

– Your time Zone for better communication.

Tell us about your project:

– Product type that you are working on.

– Target Platform and OS.

– What art style are you looking for.

– Attach references, concept art or complete description of your assets.

– How many assets will you need?

– What is the target polygon resolution of your 3D asset.

– Textures resolutions and type of maps that you will need.

– If it will need UV unwrap.

– How many LODs (level of detail) are needed.

– What game engine will it be ported in and its lighting requirements.

– Animation.

– If you require FX / particles or explosions.

– How many panels of UI design will you need?

How we are going to help you:

– When would you want us to start work?
– Duration of the collaboration.
– Delivery dates.
– Considered Private information, we can provide confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

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