We offer a huge range of skills for your projects

Concept Art and Pre-production

Our team consists of a number of talented concept artists and illustrators.
In the early stages of your projects, we can provide you with the artistic vision and direction, to help your ideas leap forwards.
Be it character, industrial, environment or orthographic design; our concept artists will not only provide high quality artwork, but will work close to you, keeping close open communication to make sure that your vision is met.

2D Assets

The people at Art Out Productions include a variety of experienced 2D artists with a diverse skill-set.
These highly talented artists can provide high quality Illustration, or vector art; as well as high-end UI and Flash animation graphics, helping your projects provide a superb user experience.

3D Assets

Art Out Productions has the talent and experience to bring your concepts and illustrations to life in 3D. Be it characters, environments or props, our artists can bring your project’s vision forwards and populate it with the 3D assets you need.

We have experience for a broad range of platforms to PC to mobile, and can create artwork in a broad variety of styles; from dark and gritty realism to stylistic cartoons.

Animation and VFX

Our team can breath life into your projects, animating characters and environments. We offer in-game and cut-scene animation services on top of animations in whatever style suits your project best for your game characters and environments.

Our VFX artists have experience with a variety of particle systems from Unity’s Shuriken to Unreal’s Cascade. So regardless of what game engine your projects utilise, you can be comfortable knowing that your effects will look breath taking.

Motion Capture

Take the benefits of motion capture and produce a high quality final animation. We can take care of all the aspects that involve a Mocap production from recording, performance, hiring actors and cleaning and polishing animation data to make sure that you receive your animations ready for you game or media production.



The mobile industry is a highly popular one for apps and games. Many of our artists have multiple years of experience working with iOS and Android, and have the experience and knowledge on how to produce and implement all the art needed for your projects.


PC is a standard in the game development industry, and our artists have worked on PC for a multitude of projects, producing photo-realistic and even stylized low-poly art.


Our services span a variety of console platforms. Whether your project is intended for Ps4, Xbox One, or the Wii U, we have you sorted.


Social gaming is a very unique and lucrative market. And we can provide breath taking art that will help your game stand out in this crowded market. 


Virtual Reality is one of the most promising technologies in the industry. We are ready to provide help with this kind off projects.

3D Printing

From digital to reality, our product designer specialist can help you to bring your 3D models to a detailed and cheap physical prints.